Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too much reading...

...Not enough writing.

So I had settled on a basic structure for my screenplay and have been trying to sort it out in my head. Unfortunately, progress has slowed to a crawl. Although I have a rough idea of opening, ending and major plot points, I am finding it somewhat difficult to organise the linking scenes and sequences. Of course I have never written anything like this before (unless you count my contributions to Dave and Tom's as of yet unfinished sit-com) so it is all a bit trial and error.

So here I am, once again reading "The definitive guide to screenwriting" and trying to get to grips with developing some kind of structure to my writing. Scattershot is all well and good, but it is awfully hard to mould disparate ideas into a cohesive whole. Thankfully I have been working a lot of twelve hour shifts in my projection cave and have been afforded plenty of time to think things through whilst tutting to myself that films like "The Pink Panther 2" should be so popular. Of course I should put a stop to such tutting; at least films like TPP2 have made it to the cinema and have found an audience.

Oh well, for now I shall treat my attempts at writing as a means of stopping my brain from turning to mush and exiting through my ears. Producing anything of merit will purely be a bonus.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Research started. Pen put to paper. Incredibly general plot structure decided upon. Crikey, at this rate I might actually manage to write something...but dont hold your breath.

That is all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Final Draft...prepare to be used!

After several days of loafing around the house looking through the notes I had made for my long-in-development sci-fi noir novel "13th Earth", I have decided that the whole premise needs a serious overhaul if I am ever to get around to finishing (...or is that starting) writing the bloody thing in any format accepted by publishers.

I have too many pages of (often conflicting) notes to give up on the idea totally, but I need to lay it to one side for a while and remember how it feels to write. So I am going to fire up Final Draft and have a go at getting a screenplay off the ground. It may well turn out to be shite, but at least it is practice. I feel a contemporary reimagining of some video nasties coming on!